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About The Green Villa

Holidays with family or loved ones is a time to bond, a time to connect and a time to reflect on our blessings. Located conveniently at a distance from the Mandawa Beach in Alibaug, Green villa is a spacious property for those who are looking to wallow in and luxuriate. Set up in the lap of nature the propertyboasts of character, space and comfort.

Lush green gardens, vast open spaces and a harmonious ambience of Green Villa is a prefect escape from the rigmarole and stress of the city area nearby. Our intention is to keep you close to the veritable gift of nature’s bounty and hence we have built few rooms and stressed more on the surrounding garden areas.

The rooms are quintessentially appropriate for large family or work groups to indulge in some light hearted conversations and casual carousing. We offer various comforts such as Wifi in the Entire Property, Recreational Facilities such as Swimming Pool, Indoor & Outdoor Games.

Our utmost goal to provide our customers with a memorable and rewarding holiday experience. When you choose us over any other resort, you are choosing space, comfort, flexibility, privacy and value.

We’re all birds at heart, meant to see sunrises from different latitude and sunsets from different longitudes.
Free wifi
TV with Satellite Chanels
Free Car Parking area
Food Served at Dining

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